About me

We are all in pursuit of happiness. Having your first real fulltime job, buying a house, having a baby or getting married. Happiness can also be found in the ‘smaller’ things of life. Making homemade comfort food is something that brings happiness into my life.

I’m not a professional chef, although I enrolled myself for some classes in the past. When attending I realized that operating my own restaurant or be a professional in the restaurant business is probably not my cup of tea. I feel at best in my own private kitchen making supper for my husband and me, or having friends over for dinner. Over the years I learned through practice and school some basic skills that bring my dishes to life. I’m very thankful to all the people that contributed to make me a better cook and teaching me the skills and knowledge required to threat the various ingredients with the respect and love that they deserve and how to turn them into a wonderful dish.

When my boyfriend and me, my hubby these days, started living together I was far from a cooking expert. I remember once making a scampi dish carefully following a recipe I had found in a magazine. As per the recipe I used 1/2 liter of vinegar. Still on cloud nine after moving in together we consumed this dish followed by a bellyache for 2 days! That is why these days I always try out a recipe before serving it to my family and friends for dinner. All of us want to avoid a kitchen nightmare particularly when having guests around. You don’t want them reminding you about that kitchen disaster for the rest of your life.

Trying out a recipe a couple of times allows you to improve your skills (and in some cases the recipe) and to gain the confidence required to feel totally comfortable when preparing the dish for other people. Don’t be afraid to receive some criticism. Criticism = feedback and feedback helps you to improve your skills and knowledge. Therefore always invite your family members to voice their opinion. It will make you a better cook in the long run. Be kind, listen and don’t have a grudge against them, I have always kept in mind that their comments were helping me to become their “ Petite Chef “.

Many years ago my husband had problems to find me a suitable Christmas present. In our local newspaper he found a list, with the 10 bestselling cooking books in the world. Off course, being Belgian, our national book, “ Ons Kookboek “ a household name in Flanders was one of them. Going through the list of best sellers he decided to give me, “ Il Cucchiao d′argento ” and “ How to eat “. Those books further opened my view on the world of cooking. If my kitchen ever sets fire, I would give my live to rescue them.

For many years I had a dream to share my passion for food. At first I did not know how. Only recently I decided a blog including some short videos would be the best way to share my passion for food with other foodies. When I first started talking to my dad about me wanting to create my own blog and a “You Tube” video channel he was very enthusiast and eager to assist. We had a great time creating the first episode together.

I like to live on the sunny side of life! Please enjoy watching the videos I will post and always feel free to send me a comment.

Copyright 2014, Saskia Poppeliers