Why is your Blog in English?

My blog is in English as the " You Tube " community is a very international community. By using English more people will be able to enjoy the blog.

Are you a Professional?

Although I enrolled myself for some classes in the past I'm not a professional. I’m at my best in my own kitchen making supper for my hubby or having friends and family over for dinner. The recipes that I will share with you are aimed making you the star of your kitchen with simple but tasteful recipes.

What to expect, which recipes are you going to make in your show?

Off course I will be making a lot of the traditional Belgian dishes. However in addition I will also cover recipes inspired by other cuisines and also some surprising vegetarian recipes. Also viewer requests can be entertained. All dishes shown you can find on the menu of a brasserie. If I would spent a fortune in a very classy restaurant I expect something else then the traditional dishes I will be preparing for you in my movies.

Who is in the team?

It is a “ one woman show ” . I write my own script, and then I start shooting, on my computer I do the editing of my movies and then I post them online.

Which camera do you use for making You Tube movies?

I use the Canon Legria HF G25 and I complement the footage with shots taken with my Zoom Q4.

In which area of Belgium do you live?

I’m a real city girl at heart, living 10 minutes from the vibrant city center of Antwerp. Antwerp is the home of one of the largest ports in Europe.

What is your favourite?

Tomato filled with brown shrimp's and homemade fries as a side dish. The best way to spend a beautiful summer evening in your own garden. Food heaven at its peak!

Copyright 2014, Saskia Poppeliers