Dinner Party


These days it is not that difficult anymore to create the perfect playlist on your iPod. Music can bring people in the right mood while you may still be busy with the preparations.


Involve the other members of your family in the organization. Don’t forget that they also look forward meeting the people you are having over for dinner. Give them things to do so you can focus on what really matters. They are more than willing to take some responsibility. Give them the space to be an entertainer in their own specialized expertise. I always ask my hubby to make shore everyone has something to drink and to buy the perfect wine to match the dish I’m going to prepare.


First and foremost, don’t drink too much alcohol at your own dinner party. You still have to serve the food you have been preparing for the people who have accepted your invitation. Secondly, not everybody is fond of alcohol. Keep in mind that some have to drive home. So always make sure that you have still and sparkling water to serve. Also children may have special requests, I intend to spoil them because I do not have children of my own. If they like a special soda just make sure you have it at home.

Don’t kill your darlings

It’s possible that your friends are absolute darlings but when they reach out to give you a helping hand they mess up your recipe rather than assist. All your hard work is ruined in a wink of an eye. I always try to tell those people in a sophisticated way that I’ve got it all under control. But be aware that some of your friends don’t realize that you have been in your kitchen the entire day.

What about kids

A lot of our friends still have small kids and we love to have them over, this has several advantages that you do not see in the beginning. If you have children of your own they can play with them and the parents people will accept your invitation more easily as they will not have to worry about finding a babysitter. Kids tend to entertain the adults and it’s a useful trick for those who have the intention to linger (as when the kids get tired the parent may want to take the kids to bed). People will not be staying too long, the problem is visual, someone is sleeping on your couch.

Keep it simple

Don’t try to impress too much. Because it can be intimidating and people will have no confidence to invite you back. This can’t be your goal. Also keep in mind that easy recipes give you the opportunity to be where the party is, “ at the dining table ”. You also want to talk to the people you are having over for dinner.


Even the in-laws say I serve great coffee. So I must be doing something right. Often people ask me which coffee I serve. The taste they pick up comes from the fact that I grind the beans just before I make coffee. It makes all the difference. This is my secret for the perfect finishing touch.


Copyright 2014, Saskia Poppeliers